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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT From its 2012 inception, the comprehensive ASPIRE Campaign set out to be the largest, boldest fundraising venture in the history of Jacksonville University. Now, six years later, that challenge has been met. Thousands of investors believed so much in this university's work and collective potential that the contributions have now surpassed ASPIRE's original $85 million goal by $36.4 million—and ahead of schedule, two years before the campaign's planned closing date. The five areas highlighted here represent only a small portion of ASPIRE's tremendous and historic impact. A complete look at the campaign's effect on JU would include nearly every facet of campus, including academics, athletics, campus life, infrastructure, faculty, staff and most importantly, students. The celebration of this campaign does not mark an end. Instead, ASPIRE marks a commemoration of progress and will serve as a foundation for our bright future. S E E T H E FUTURE WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 21