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A FUTURE SO BRIGHT Q: We’ve heard you refer to the University becoming a premier institution. What does that entail? Is there a microcosm on campus that demonstrates this? A: One direct way to explain what we mean when we say that this University is becoming a premier institution is to talk about the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences. It has proven to be a best practice model of what potential Jacksonville University holds. We hot-housed the concept of this University’s future, including the breakthrough moment creating a School of Applied Health Sciences. Kinesiology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, mental health counseling, data analytics and health informatics, and more to come. This process began with us sitting down with Brooks Rehabilitation, Florida Blue, the Mayo Clinic, Baptist Health, and others to talk collectively about where the market is going. We aimed, in five years, to establish Jacksonville University as the premier health educator in the region. And there’s no question that we’ve accomplished that. No one else in the state of Florida has returned NCLEX (nursing entrance exam) scores for five consecutive quarters with a one hundred percent pass rate. No one else has 400 healthcare industry partners. Our Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences, under the leadership of Provost Dr. Christine Sapienza and her hugely talented team, sets the bar high, and the beneficiaries of all this progress are students. As Brooks continues to progress, expand and improve, so does the entire University. Q: Terms like “silos” and “ivory tower” are often attached to higher education. What’s your philosophy for how to avoid these pitfalls and create greater interconnectivity? A: During my corporate career, I thought higher education leaders had become accustomed to silos, which I believe rob an organization of its natural agility, creativity, speed and resiliency. This type of mindset simply isn’t conducive to strategic partnerships and excellence. Here, we were intentional about creating a mosaic of partnerships. Whenever we explored the possibility of a new partnership, we first asked what the University could offer them, our partners. It’s not about us going out to ask for XYZ, but genuinely seeking how this University can help others. This quote gets repeated a lot around here, including by me: “Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.” That’s the goal, and the sharpest tool we have to accomplish that is through partnerships and talented people. PHOTO BY: AGNES LOPEZ Continued on next page. WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 19