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Championship. By the time they reached Kuala Lumpur, they joined just four teams to compete in the finals—another U.S. team, two from Europe, and one from Asia. The Malaysian location proved fortunate. “We found that there was going to be a defense contractor exposition there the week before our competition,” Seim says. “It had representatives from 60 countries and 1,300 different companies. So we went over about 10 days earlier than our competition to this exhibition and learned so much.” Fueyo recalls that stretch as an incredible, competitive opportunity. “It was a value-added for us,” she says. “We put a lot of work in during the days coming up to the global final.” They changed the presentation significantly based on the research they conducted, creating new text, slides and video. “The whole competition we tried to differentiate ourselves with our proprietary research by talking to customers, talking to the competition, calling executives, going that extra mile that would give us an edge,” she says. Each of the team members consider the experience professionally beneficial. Seim, who graduated with his EMBA in April, is an Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors. “When you spend as much time as we did on some very complicated topics—having learned something intensely for 10 months and come out on top a number of times, then near the top, you come out the other side saying: ‘Okay, I have a talent or I have a skill. I have an ability to be challenged and tested. I proved that I can do something.’” Crayton received his MBA in April. His experience has brought increased recognition at Black Knight Inc. where he works in finance. “It has definitely elevated my exposure in the company,” he says. “We just got a new CEO a few months ago and he sent me a personal email saying congrats and we wish you the best for the competition. Then the CFO got me to do a couple of minutes at the Finance Town Hall. It’s a feather in my cap to be able to sit in the room with those kinds of people.” Never being satisfied with the product — always looking for a gap to fill with something a little more enticing — that is what their mentor Dr. Missa had encouraged them to do until the very last moment. Fueyo, who graduated in April with her Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and economics, joined North Avenue Capital in June as a Loan Architect. She attributes her transitional ease to involvement with DSIF and CFA. At the final presentation, the team excelled with a compelling “buy call” and strong response in the Q&A. They had exceptionally competitive scores. “Finishing runner-up in this global competition with 1,100-plus universities, especially in only our second participation, is something to be very proud of,” Dr. Missa says. “I don’t think anybody but us gave us a chance at the beginning of the process. I am sure this will inspire JU students to achieve great things in anything they pursue.” “For me, it was a great experience, especially being my last year in college,” she says. “I learned how to design longterm investment strategies, conduct in-depth security analysis, and also present the research reports in front of people. Analytical skills and also soft skills are really needed in the corporate world. If anyone has the chance to be part of the CFA or the Investment Fund, and they like finance, of course, they shouldn’t doubt it. The experience you get, it will be rewarding short- and long-term.” WAVEMAGAZINEONLINE.COM 15