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washington business recession, that gain has proved to be volatile, slowing sharply with the recession. Agricultural counties have seen population drop 4 percentage points since 2000, as young adults leave to pursue opportunities in the city. Georgia provides a good example. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the contrast between thriving Atlanta and rural Georgia. Chris Clark, Georgia Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, tells the paper 53 percent of the state’s counties — mostly rural — are distressed. The Chamber this year launched an initiative designed to reverse the decline. Similar stories can be found in many states. Think Chicago and downstate Illinois, the Twin Cities and nonmetro Minnesota, Denver and rural Colorado, and so on — including, of course, metro Seattle and rural Washington. The divide matters. “Rural areas are a vital cornerstone to our economy,” says Alex McGregor, president of The McGregor Co., a firm that \\Y[[ܝ\\Y\܈ LHYX\˂H\[][]H\X\[HYܚX[\H[X[YX\[œX܋X[\\X] M [H[X[܈ Lœ\[وH]HXۛ^KXܙ[H]H\\Y[و[Y\K][YܚX[\H^ܝو MH[[ۋ\[ۈ[\[H][ۋ\ܝH]H\\Y[وYܚX[\KY] [XX\K وH]x&\ŒH[Y\[و[H\[ Y[[\[]\و \[܈Y\HXۚ^[H[[KUЈ۝[Y][]Y\[\[؜[[Z]ۈHX\]\^H\[HYY\]]H\[ۋ[^[Y[[Z]\[[[\ZK L HH][Y]XZ\˜[\[\XY\]\[[\XHšY[YH]YY\\\[XۛZY\˂H][[[X\X\XۛZ\]H\ XYوHXۛZX[][YHܙX\[[ \ܚXHH[HقXۛZY\Έ][Y][\[Y[\[[][]Y\ YHYH KH\X\[[Hو[[ۈܛ[ \[[][]Y\ٝ[XH[[\YH[\]Y[H]\Z[YH[[Y\[ۙ][ۜˈY] \H\H[[ۈXܜ΂[\X\KܚٛܘK[\]]]H^[Y[]ܞHXY\˂HH]\]Hو\[[][]Y\YX[\x&\ܘ[]YH]ܚ܈]\[ۙK\x&\[\[] [[Y[ [XY [˜X]8'[\X 'B\[]X\]H[B][\\[۸&\\\ܘ\[[\\Xܙ BXZ[ZY[\[[Y\ۙ۝۝[YY\[ۈو؜˜[[\Y[ ]H[YHوUи&\\[؜[[Z]  [Y\8%[\[%]H[[\[]\Y\[ \[ H H MK\ۘ[[YHܙ] ˌH\[[BY][Y\[\ NK\[[\[[Y\[][ۂ[ܙX\Y \[[Y][ܙH[YH[Y\B\[ܛ[\[\X\˂\\]H]X\[[HY]وX\H K \[YZ[ܙX]\[HYH [\[[][]Y\˂]XZ\\Hܙ[^[H\\\[\[]X\ܚۂXY\[H\[XۛZX][Y[ \X][ۈو\[ۈ\[\”YH[]X]]\8%XX[\Y[ ^XH[Y[][ۈ8%\]Z\HY\][ۋ[BY\]\HZ[]YH]XZ\H\[[X\[\X[[H\[Y[BZ\ܙ[^][ۋۙH[XH]YBوUи&\\[؜[[Z]\\\\[YܙY[Y[H\X\][Y\]ܜ›ܙ[^HH\[]X\˂H]\۸&]HYXو\[\XX[˂\[[X\[[\K Tܙ[[K^\œx&\^]YXܘ]H]\[Y\]ܜ›ZH[[Hܝ PYK\Kܙ]\[XZ[XK[]H8'X[\Xx'H\YKXZ[\H[\وH]H[HB[Y]و[^[[Xۛ^KH8'H[UЈ[HH][\ 8'HH^\˂']8&\Y[\Y[\[[[\H\Y\\ 'BHܝ[]Y\[^XܙY܈][\\\[ZYB[ۙY\[YH\[ۈ]YH\X[Y\Έ8'YY Z[]K][Z\NHܞK