Washington Business Winter 2018 | Washington Business - Page 35

sustainability employer: Suncadia Resort Suncadia Resort location: Cle Elum number of employees: 500-plus website: suncadia.com Part of the Destination Hotel collection, Suncadia Resort boasts more than 300 sunny days each year and a solid reputation for conservation and environmental stewardship. the company: Suncadia Resort, located in Cle Elum, is a 6,400-acre, all- season resort that was built on the site of a former coalmine. Surrounded by the Cascade mountain range, the resort is home to hundreds of different wildlife species. It is the only property of its kind in the nation that includes the abundance of acreage, resort offerings, home ownership, residential community and forest and wildlife conservancy. innovative environmental stewardship: Through the Suncadia Land Stewardship Management Plan, the resort has set aside more than 3,400 acres of open land for a wildlife preserve running along the banks of the Cle Elum River. The property has 1.3 million trees to manage within the river corridor and other open space that, together, make up 4,400 acres of the resort property. These protected land set-asides are home to more than 180 species of birds and 40 species of mammals as well as myriad reptiles and amphibians. The Cle Elum River that runs through the resort supports the local salmon and other fish populations. Each property owner also contributes by maintaining a natural area that supports wildlife habitat and the preservation of native plant species. in their own words: “Suncadia strives to provide a diverse forested environment by using the latest research and carrying out the best forest health and wildlife practices. We look at the past and the future to see what is needed throughout the community and have been able to tap information that dates back to the 1800s to see what would have occurred naturally and then compare it to our current conditions. This allows us to project upwards of 20 to 100 years in to the future to see if our goal of providing a diverse and safe forested environment will be met. The efforts we put in now are the building blocks of the legacy we will leave for future generations.” — Tony Walter Craven, Natural Resource Operations Manager, Suncadia Resort winter 2018 35