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doing business washington as business employer: DH founded: 1996 location: Spokane website: www.wearedh.com DH Formerly known as Desautel Hege, DH is a public relations, advertising and branding firm that specializes in seamlessly marrying creativity with concise communication. Bobbi Cussins by the numbers: DH has 24 employees — including the partner team of Michelle Hege, Sara Johnston, Andrei Mylroie and Christine Varela as well as a host of account directors, copywriters and graphic artists — and is currently in a growth phase. what they do: DH combines the disciplines of public relations, public affairs, marketing and advertising to create strategic communication programs for their clients, including rebranding, advertising campaigns, advocacy work, behavior change campaigns (think educational opportunities, like the importance of getting a flu vaccine and encouraging action) and issues management. the culture, creative: One look at the company’s staff web page and it’s clear DH is more than a business — it’s a family. The management structure is flat: It has a partner/owner team, but there are no other layers of management. It’s a culture DH has purposefully fostered to encourage a group work environment where everyone’s input and contributions are equal. DH recognizes that every one of their team members is creative in a different way, and the structure allows [H\\H\و]ܙX]]]KH\ܚ΂[\[][ܙ[^][ۜš]H^\Y[H]Y][Hܚ\\[][X][ۜ]X][ۋ\[BX[[Yܝ܈[][[]Y[]]ܙK\][H]YK^x&]H][YHY[Y\[Y[ۛHݙ\YB[[\]YY]Z\[[[][HX\]XKH^\Y[NܚY]UЈ[]Y[X\Y][[[˜[Z]YHۈH\X][۸&\\[ \[H[Y\[\]B[H NN XٙXX[H][YX^H KHHY[[وB\[ MH[ M] ܚY[ۙYHUЋ[YH]X\[\\ۈH\^K]H\X][۸&\˜[]YH[HXH\HHUЈY\[Y[X\˜[HYو]\H[[Y[وUи&\Y\Y[[^]Y܂H]\KYYۛΈ8'HY]\[][ۜ\]Y[\H]YXœ\\\ HZHH\^H]\[Y^x&\HY[][\YKx&\HY\H][KHܙX]HX\]\'B%ZX[HYK\Y[[S \X][ۈو\[ۈ\[\