Ward 1 Report, March 2018 March 2018, Ward 1 Report. - Page 13

Dear Ward 1,

What's going on with The City of Calgary's recycling program now that China has stopped accepting foreign recyclables?

Dear Constituent.

The City is working with a private third-party company that sorts and markets the recyclables collected through City recycling programs to find new potential buyers. For more information, click here.

The City is encouraging citizens of Calgary to stay in the habit of recycling and keeping these materials out of the landfill. Please keep on recycling acceptable items in your Blue Cart!

To ensure you are recycling the right things in your blue cart, check out the City's Blue Cart Recycling page.

In order to permanently fix potholes, dry pavement and warm weather conditions are needed. Pothole repair generally begins in April and goes throughout the summer months. Dry pavement and warm weather is needed for a lasting fix. Repairs are completed on a priority basis.

During the pothole repair program, crews are out working seven days a week. The majority of repairs are done during the day, but repairs on major roads are often done at night when there is less traffic. I’m forwarding you the link to the City’s website about Pothole Repair – hopefully it will explain Roads’ process and answer your questions.

Chief of Staff, Ralph Smith