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Ralph is responsible for the investigation and resolution of resident complaints, and for community issues and concerns. If you have contacted 311 about a situation and are still not satisfied with the resolution, contact Ralph at CAWard1@calgary.ca with the Service Request number and a brief summary of what transpired. Alternately, you may call him at (403) 268-2430. Please note The City of Calgary protocol requests that before a councillor becomes involved in a service request, the citizen must first go through 311, as 311 effectively records requests and serves as a permanent record for the City.

Dear Ward 1.

I’m having issues with my neighbor about the location of the fence between our two properties. What do I do?

Dear Constituent.

In this situation, the Councillor’s Office must defer to Calgary Community Standards (formerly Bylaw) as to how they would handle matters. You can reach the appropriate people by contacting 311, and they will forward matters from there.

Alternatively, there is a service available to homeowners in the midst of neighbourhood disputes, which can be found at www.communitymediation.ca/

Q+A: Ward 1 office


Dear Ward 1.

I submitted a 3-1-1 online request to have potholes filled. The entire stretch has become extremely bad, and cars must zigzag along here to avoid them. Since this is a designated cycling route, the bikes are starting to come out also, as well as groups of hikers and runners. This is very dangerous for everyone, not to mention really hard on a car's suspension. As this is urgent, I ask that you look into this matter for me. Thank you.

Dear Constituent.

Potholes can develop on any of the 16,000 lane km of paved streets and 2,900 lane km of back lanes in Calgary. Potholes form when snow melts into cracks in the asphalt and then freezes, expanding in the cracks.

Meanwhile, the frost in the ground pushes up, weakening the asphalt. See an illustration of how potholes are created and how they are repaired. Repairing potholes is a major part of Roads' continual maintenance of Calgary's roadways.