Ward 1 Report, March 2018 March 2018, Ward 1 Report. - Page 11

Route 138 – Citadel

This route replaces Route 199 in Crowfoot, Arbour Lake and Citadel. The new route continues from its current terminus location in west Citadel, continuing along Country Hills BV NW across Stoney TR NW. It then replaces the current Route 157 service along Royal Birch BV NW and Royal Oak DR NW.

• The revised routing provides a new connection to a second LRT station (Tuscany), and significantly improves bus travel time from west Citadel.

• Citadel residents will now have a direct bus connection to the Royal Oak shopping centre.

Royal Oak residents will now have a direct bus connection to Robert Thirsk High School, Crowfoot Library, Crowfoot YMCA and the Crowfoot shopping centre.

Route 115 - Symons Valley Parkway

• This route replaces Route 157 in Royal Vista, as well as introducing a new service to improve transit connectivity in Evanston and Sherwood.

• Parts of south Sage Hill and Kincora will be within walking distance of route, providing an additional bus service option for the area.

• These communities will have improved connections to the Sage Hill Hub, Beacon Hill Shopping Centre, Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge and Tuscany Station.