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Route Changes

The new bus routes will better serve the expanding communities surrounding northwest Stoney Trail, with improved connections to shopping centres, the Sage Hill Hub, Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge, North Pointe bus terminal and Red Line LRT stations. The design of the new routes in this area was informed by ongoing feedback received from the public on the current bus route network.

The Sage Hill Hub has been identified as an important transit-oriented node in the Symons Valley Community Plan, and these route changes will provide a direct connection for the communities of Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Panorama Hills, Evanston and Sherwood. Service coverage is also expanding in the communities of Evanston and Sherwood, and realignment of service between Evanston and North Pointe will result in significant travel time savings to the downtown core. The new routes also align with two other major City of Calgary initiatives - the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge and the Sage Hill Civic Centre. These facilities will have convenient transit connections with their surrounding communities, as well as each other.


Information about the route changes is being distributed through a variety of means to reach as many customers as possible, and includes:

• Detailed information on the Calgary Transit website

• Notices at all affected bus stops

• Social media alerts

• Route notifications on the Calgary Transit App

• Posters at Tuscany Station, Crowfoot Station, North Pointe Bus Terminal, and Sage Hill Hub

• On-board notices on the affected bus routes

Bus route changes in northwest Calgary starting March 19, 2018

Calgary Transit is introducing four new bus routes in northwest Calgary to enhance connectivity and replace four existing routes that will be retired. These route changes will be implemented with Calgary Transit’s Spring 2018 Service Changes starting March 19, 2018.