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Sourced from Hawaii to Thailand , Ob Oon offers a variety of delicious , international coffees . Which one will become your favorite ?
Espreso di Manfredi — America / Asia / Africa This elegant , lightly roasted blend boasts distinctive fruit highlights , combining high-grown , washed Arabicas from Papua New Guinea , South America , East Africa and Asia . The distinctive blend is a meeting of minds between celebrated chef Stefano Manfredi and master blender Wayne Archer . The pair are equal parts genius and shrewd judgement , and their collaboration has produced a sweetly floral coffee that displays assertive acidity and hints of light chocolate .
Mivana Organic Forest Coffee — Thailand Mivana Coffee is a 100 percent organic Arabica , shade-grown coffee produced at altitudes of 1,000 meters or more above sea level . And in case you ’ re wondering , shade-grown coffee means just what it says : It ’ s a coffee from trees grown in the shade of other larger trees , which produces some of the best-quality and best-tasting coffee in the world . It has a richer , fuller flavor and a heartier aroma than coffee grown in direct sunlight .
Mivana is eco-friendly . It is sourced from trees that grow naturally as part of a mixed forest , so it isn ’ t necessary to cut down other trees for production . The beans are lovingly tended without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides , too .
Kona Coffee — Hawaii Like fine vintage wines , 100 percent Kona coffee is distinguished from commercial blends by the tremendous care taken throughout every step of the production . The end result is a coffee that carries the unique stamp of the Kona region — delicate yet flavorful and with a rich aroma , Kona coffee is famous among coffee drinking societies everywhere . This excellent quality has made it one of the most highly-valued coffees in the world .
Dalat Peaberry Robusta Green Unroasted Coffee Beans — Vietnam These Indochine Estates-raised peaberry Robusta beans are sought after for Italian-style espresso , being high in crema and body and providing excellent persistence on the palate . As a single source , they cup with low acidity , high body and smooth character . Indochine Estates practices safe and sustainable agriculture as well . Avocado and persimmon trees shade the coffee plants as they grow ; their shade nurtures one of the world ’ s top Robusta coffees .