Wanderlust: Expat Life & Style in Thailand The Relationships Issue - Page 6

Editor ' s letter

We talk about “ the web ” a lot these days , and we know what we mean — that “ place ” where endless information and entertainment greet us through their glow on our screens .

But what about the invisible webs that encircle and envelop us ? What about the ones that hold us together , help us get through tough times , and make us stronger ? What about — relationships ?
In Bangkok and around the world , relationships matter . Not just the primary ones that govern our existence but also the ones that add texture to our days and weeks , and the ones that — though perhaps untended for months or years — come roaring back when we need people to try and understand ( and make sense of ) the lives that we are all living .
In this issue of Wanderlust Magazine , you ’ ll find stories that , taken together , are a catalog of human relationship in our Bangkok community and beyond .
You ’ ll visit a large expat family and find out what their various philosophies — and their deep love of each other — have to teach the rest of us . You ’ ll explore the relationships that arise among a community of local performers and how the stories they tell bind them together . You ’ ll hear the tale of a young man and his affinity with his sports teams back home — and how that relationship changes as he moves through his world travels .
You ’ ll learn , too , about emotional intelligence and how it can be used to strengthen all of your relationships , wherever they may unfold . And you ’ ll journey to Sakon Nakhon in northeastern Thailand , where a web of community relationships helps preserve a venerable tradition that just might help residents navigate their way through the 21 st century .
We are , it ’ s said , only as good as the friends we make and the love we give . We hope this issue of Wanderlust introduces you to some unique relationships in the textured web that is our community .
But even more than that , we hope it offers you fuel to reflect upon the relationships in your own life — how valuable and precious they are , and how you can keep them alive and flourishing as you move through your days .
Thanks for reading , Shannon