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AYUNG Royal Villa — Yudistira


For those seeking a sojourn from the shore , there ’ s Ubud . Situated in the uplands of the island , Ubud is the spiritual capital of Bali , loved as much for its culinary cunning , culture and crafts as it is for the lush jungle landscape that hems the town .
With so much to explore , Ubud requires a generous helping of your itinerary — four days at the least . Any less and you risk missing out on the mindset at the heart of the district : a way of life that encourages a deep connection to nature , spirituality and neighborliness . The hippy vibes may soon grow tiresome for some . But , then again , throngs of travelers have ventured to Ubud for a short visit , only to stay for weeks and months on end .
For honeymooners with money on the mind , the town is a must-visit . Ubud offers accommodation options to suit all budgets , as well as tasty restaurant fare that won ’ t stretch the purse strings . My husband and I spent the last week of our trip here and used the last night as an excuse to blow the budget on a slap-up meal for two .
Bridges was the spot — a fine dining restaurant situated at the end of the Tjampuhan bridge and overlooking the river below . Despite our best efforts , and after managing three delicious courses and bottle of Pinot Grigio , our bill came to just over 1,500,000 IDR . ( Don ’ t be alarmed by all the zeroes . This price only converts to roughly 4,000 THB !)
Explore the surrounding villages and rolling fields by bike for a whistle-stop tour of rural life around Ubud . Better still , book your bike tour through eBikes Bali for a leisurely ride with minimal effort . Powered by high-capacity batteries , these sturdy mountain bikes move at varying speeds with the touch of a button , leaving little risk of tiring out during the three-hour tour . There are plenty of staff on hand to guide you through the route , which meanders from the north of Ubud to the iconic Tegalalang rice terraces . You ’ ll glide past spectacular scenery , including ancient temples and distant mountain views , as well as encounter Balinese life at a local level . During our afternoon trip , we even stopped to help a trio of rice farmers as they sifted through the day ’ s crop collection .
Jl , Tirta Tawar , Petulu , Gianyar , Bali 80571 , Indonesia www . ebikesbali . com
Of the many hotels I ’ ve frequented , few have left such an impression on me as Ayung Resort . From the moment we arrived at the complex , deep in the heart of Ubud ’ s rambling jungle , we knew this was the perfect place to spend the final days of our trip . It was a hotel we ’ ll look back on in years to come when we recall fond memories of our time as newlyweds .
Ayung Resort boasts a lobby teeming with stunning sculptures and artwork ; luxurious suites ; and exceptional service . ( It has been beautifully designed and maintained , to boot .) Located a twenty-minute drive from Ubud town center , the five-star hotel benefits from a quiet location amidst enthralling nature . From the families of monkey swinging through the treetops , to the deer that roam the surrounding woodland , every day presents a new adventure in wildlife .
Desa Melinggih Kelod , Banjar Begawan Payangan , Melinggih Kelod , Ubud , Bali 80361 www . ayungresortubud . com