Wallkill Valley Times Jan. 10 2018

Vol. 36, No. 2 3 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2018 Paper bag players Playoff spot clinched Page 12 Page 32 3 ONE DOLLAR w w w .W a l l k i l l V a l l e y T i m e s . n e t Deep freeze Frigid weather causes problems for Walden By TED REMSNYDER The historically frigid conditions over the past two weeks understandably resulted in complications for local municipalities, and the Village of Walden was hit with several water main breaks due to the plummeting temperatures. On New Year’s Day, Walden Village Manager John Revella informed residents that due to the breaks they might temporarily experience variations in water pressure and slight discoloration in their water supply, while noting that water was still safe to drink. The Walden Department of Public Works labored quickly to fix the main Continued on page 4 By JASPREET GILL jgill&tcnewspapers.com F rozen L ake Visitors take a walk on the 40-acre frozen Diamond Lake at Winding Hills Park this past weekend in Montgomery. Montgomery moving ahead on solar project Jaspreet Gill Solar power might be coming to the Village of Montgomery sooner than expected. During last week’s Village of Montgomery town hall meeting, the town board authorized Mayor L. Stephen Brescia to sign a letter of intent authorizing General Electric Solar (GE Solar) to make an application to Central Hudson Gas and Electric on the village’s behalf. The application will allow for the interconnection of Central Hudson Gas and Electric into GE Solar’s electric grid. The application will be made in the name of the village, according to Jim Farr. Farr, the Principal of Farr Engineering, is the local consultant with GE Solar to assist the company with planning matters within the village. He has more than 30 years of civil, municipal and environmental engineering experience behind his name. “GE Solar will build and own the solar system,” he says. “GE Solar will have a contract with the village for operation and maintenance.” But how will solar power benefit village residents? “There are environmental benefits to solar in that it’s a renewable energy supply with no pollution,” says Farr. “The village will see a decreased cost in power costs for the sewer plant and other village Continued on page 4 SERVING CRAWFORD, GARDINER, MAYBROOK, MONTGOMERY, PINE BUSH, SHAWANGUNK, WALDEN AND WALLKILL