Wall Street Letter Volume XLV Issue 16 - Page 7

16 – 22 MAY 2013 next phase will be to make it available globally as regulatory regimes with similar underpinnings come online, he added. The platform provides instrumentlevel data transparency and risk management, Smith said, adding that it would take very little customization to adapt to the various regulatory initiatives in the market that are driving risk management. Interactions between insurers and their asset managers are highly model driven and powered by intensely granular data, Smith said, adding that offers potential for the offering to be used for risk management across all market segments. The utility recently wrapped up its beta and is in pre-phase one release, according to Smith. It is being deployed to 14 insurers and 40 asset managers in the UK, he noted. MoneyMate is currently looking towards a number of European countries adopting measures similar to Solvency II, as well as the United States, Smith said. Though not allied to Solvency II, the US Risk Management Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (RMORSA) initiative will have similar requirements and is set to go into effect in 2015, Smith noted. TECHNOLOGY Inforeach adds fixed income trading, market data tools InfoReach has added fixed income trading to its platforms, as well as trade blotter customization and capabilities to further manipulate market data, according to CEO Allen Zaydlin. Trading in US Treasuries and futures on Treasuries was added based on client demand, Zaydlin said. The vendor has also added functionality allowing traders to take columns of data from Bloomberg and add them to a blotter within an InfoReach trading platform using an interface within the InfoReach sys ????i??????????%??????????????????????? ????????=????A$?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i??????%???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????%???I???????????????????????????????????qK?t???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i??????U????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i???????????%???I?????????????????????????????????????????????5????????????????????????I????????????????????????????????i?????????((??()QI%9?%I5L()5????A????????1?????????????????????????)????A???? ??????5?????????????????????1?????????????????????????????????????????