Wall Street Letter VOL. XLV, NO. 30 - Sept. 23, 2013

THE DEFINITIVE SOUR CE FOR TR ADING NE WS VOL XLV ISSUE 30 26 SEP – 2 OCT 2013 www.wallstreetletter.com IN THIS ISSUE News People moves 04 Focus Fee chart 10 MORE NEWS INSIDE Spending on ops likely to increase The amount of money firms spend on their operational tasks is likely to increase in the near future TURN TO PAGE 04 TOP STORY Firms still picky about cloud offerings BY JEANENE TIMBERLAKE Informatica plans monitoring for Ultra Messaging The new offering, Ultra Messaging System Monitoring, will offer more complexity for Informatica’s clients TURN TO PAGE 06 Buy-in key to successful biz expansion Successful expansion still requires buy-in from clients and a cautious approach TURN TO PAGE 09 Cloud infrastructure has become a more common choice for firms but decision-makers are still picky about what they adopt based on security concerns, according to comments from technology executives participating on a panel at AdventConnect 2013 last week in San Francisco. Audience member responses to an in-session polling question indicated that most are using some form of cloud infrastructure, though the most common choice is a private cloud offering (30.2%), followed by a hybrid offering (13.2%). Just 11.3% of audience respondents indicated they use a public cloud service. Tyler Kim, chief technology officer and chief information officer at MaplesFS, said public cloud was never an option for the firm due to concerns about security. “We don’t want data floating around out there. We are, in fact, quite limited in terms of the jurisdictions in which our data can reside,” he said. For MaplesFS, the type of data the firm is most concerned about is client data, both in TURN terms of security and in TO PAGE order to limit requests for the data from authorities. 03 V I S I T WA L L S T R E E T L E T T E R . C O M F O R U P - TO - T H E - M I N U T E I N V E S T M E N T N E W S