Walking On Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2019 - Page 4

WHOA Dispatch WHOA Board of Directors and General Membership Meetings This year the annual Board of Directors and General Memberhsip meetings were held in conjuction with one and other. This gave board members the opportunity to hear from members prior to voting on items. It also gave members the op- portunity to hear what was discussed by the board. Executive Director Tommy Hall provided the financial report stating that he was pleased to announce that all bills from 2018 were paid by the end of the year. In years past, bills were often paid with the next year’s memberships. Total revenue for 2018 was $401,225 compared to $388,000 for 2017. Total expenses for 2018 were $397,670.67 compared to $388,719.56 in 2017. Net income for 2018 was $3,555 compared to a loss of -$719.39 in 2017. The horse show report was also positive. It was reported that over the past 11 years, WHOA has put on or affiliated 637 shows which attraacted 119,410 entries, an average of 187 entries per show. For perspective on positive show trends, in 2014 WHOA hosted and/or affiliated 89 shows that averaged 211 entries per show and in 2018 they hosted and/or affiliated 54 shows that averaged 212 entries per show. During the horse show report it was annouced that the Versatility and Flat Shod rule books were posted on the WHOA website. All rule changes and new rules appear in red in the book. Additionally, there is a new chart in the rule book that contains all the rules pertaining to trainers’ families. Among the rule changes and new rules, communication devices are allowed except in versatility classes, showmanship, and equitation and announcers, ringmasters, and ribbon girls, and their families, can now show. Everyone was reminded that all 11 and under exhibitors, regardless of class, are required to wear helmets and no whips are permitted in west- ern classes. There was a long discussion concerning non-registered horses in All Day Pleasure. The rule book currently states that they are allowed. Since rules can only be changed once a years, they will continue to be al- lowed during the 2019 show season. WHOA President Rhonda Mar- tocci announced that judges would only have to come to a judges’ clinic and take an open book exam once every three years to maintain their WHOA license. To close out the meeting, Maggie Moore expressed her appreciation for the hard work of Tommy Hall, Rhonda Martocci, and Sis Osborne in putting on WHOA shows week after week. 2019 WHOA Judges’ Clinics The 2019 WHOA Judges Clinic dates are March 16th and March 30th. The judges clinic will be held in conjunction with two shows. This will allow new judges to get one apprenticeship directly after the classroom portion. The March 16th Clinic and Show will be held at Pleasant Valley Farm in Shel- 4 • Walking On byville, TN. The March 30th Clinic and Show will be held in Murfrees- boro, TN at the MTSU livestock pavilion. Judges clinics will begin at 11:00 both days. For more infor- mation call the WHOA Office at 615-494-8822.