Walking On Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2019 - Page 27

WHOA Awards 1. Extra Classic, Mag Ranft 2. Stone Cold Bandit, Springer & Ranft 3. Dose, Harold Roberts Family Western Lite Shod 1. Merry Girl Kate, Marcia Hersh 2. Miller Ultra Light, Diane Light 3. Leonardo Dicaprio, Kelli Gushert Youth Lite Shod 1. Sheza Sky Lady, Patti & Kadense Lund 2. Black Devil Is Armed, Caitlyn Dus- chel 3. Gimme Solidarity, Angie Runnels All Day Pleasure AOT 1. Wicked Times, Vic Gernt 2, Gamblers Golden Flame, Susan T. Smith 3. He’s Pretty Reckless, Angie Runnels Country Pleasure AOT 1. Roan Ranger, Leek & Moore 2. He’s Some Kinda Dangerous, Harry Hicklin 3. Mercedes Benz, Charlie Howard Trail Pleasure AOT 1. Ferdinand, Leek & Moore 2. Smart N Wicked, Grace Cozart 3. She’s Flirtn’ With Disaster, Carolina Carraway Lite Shod AOT 1. What Will Be Will Be, Leek & Moore 2. Gimme Solidarity, Angie Runnels 3. Papas Got The Blues, Susan Wood Weanling Fillies 1. Baby Got Back, Georgia Hazelwood 2. Dreaming of Freedom, Susan Wood 3. Dawns Susie Q, Hal Bowden Weanling Colts 1. Churchill, CL. Kline Farms - Ella Kline 2. Jose I Am, Dennis & Susan Hills 3. Players Only, John Dorris Yearling Fillies 1. Oh Susannah, Jones, Richards & Womack 2. I’m A Dixie Melody, Char Johnson 3. Take Back the Night, Debbie Smoth- ers Yearling Colts 1. Sir Walter, CL Kline Farms & Ella Kline 2. Summa Cum Laude, Jones & Rich- ards 3. Harmonic Convergence, Ron Bo- chenek Model Mares 1. I’m June Cash, Emma Wood 2. She’s Flirtn With Disaster, Carolina Carraway 3. Pushers Guarded Secret, Douglas Ann McGovern Model Geldings 1. Watch out Here I Come, Dennis & Susan Hills 2. Carolina Chrome, Sophia Borg 3. I’m Percy Sledge, Traci Watkins Model Stallions 1. He’s Red Hot Jazz, Carmen Vaughn 2. Demonic Presence, Karen Bochenek 3. Throw Me A Curve, Rushing Creek Walkers All Day Pleasure 1. Gamblers Golden Flame WF, Susan T. Smith 2. Pride of the Carolinas, Marcia Hersh 3. Pistol Packin Annie, Morgan Hodge Novice Pleasure 1. Legend of Zelda, BJ Campbell Frank 2. Red Astaire, Leigh Anne Gregory 3. I’m Thunderstruck NDR, Fraley & Dean Open Classic Park 1. Joses Pretty Lady, Martha Child 2. Living the Dream, Ann Johnson 3. Ice’s Blackjack, Willey & Lenhart Country Pleasure 1. All Red Sky Watch, Garold & Julie Ross 2. He’s Some Kinda Dangerous, Harry Hicklin 3. Big Time Charlie, Dr. John Gladney Lite Shod 1. Autumn Cash, Jean Marie Degville 2. Dangerous Willy, Carole Hill 3. He’s Steppinwolf, Scot & Lynn Mac- Gregor Trail Obstacle 1. Victory Trip, Dr. Daniel Starnes 2. Dolly Dumas, Ada Kitty Keen 3. Belle of Rocky Hill, Linda Starnes Trail Pleasure 1. She’s Flirtin With Disaster, Carolina Carraway 2. Smart N Wicked, Grace Cozart 3. Light Em Up, Dr. John Gladney Youth Country Pleasure 1. Jose N Grey, Susan T. Smith 2. He’s Some Kinda Dangerous, Harry Hicklin 3. I’m Percy Sledge, Tracy Watkins Timed Versatility 1. Moon’s Black Sheba, Georgia Agan 2. Victory Trip, Dr. Daniel Starnes 3. Shadows Fancy Cindy, Hallie Pollard Pleasure Driving 1. Remey Martin, Wayne & Sandra Barnes 2. Caterpillar, Rhonda Stone 3. A Superfine Time THF, Wayne & Sandra Barnes Amateur/Junior - Plantation/Park Pleasure 1. Don’t Push Me Jose, S&P LLC Amateur/Junior Lite Shod 1. Sofia Vergara, Tony & Tina Bowling 27