Walking On Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2019 - Page 16

monies raised and WHOA gets 50% . When the Final Four did not want to divide up the monies, the drawing continued with  Darden Gladney and Kevin Gilliam/Wayne Moore being the last two tick- ets in the hat. They decided to split the money with both winning a goodly sum.  Next year PLEASE  buy YOUR 50/50 Ticket from Sissi.   If you missed the Gala you missed a GREAT time!!!! PLAN NOW to attend next year. – Sis Osborne Charlie Howard made sure the silent auction was well-organized. Guest enjoyed the well-stocked bar. The ladies quarters were well appointed. Attendees gathered early to enter the gala. An impressive crowd gathered to celebrate 40 years of WHOA. 16 • Walking On