Walking On Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2019 - Page 15

Horse Shows Missouri - Dennis Hills Pleasure Horse Ambassador - Sis Osborne When an association or business undertakes an event of this size many people step forward to help. I The tables were so attractive due to certainly do not want to leave out anyone and I apolo- floral decorations gize now IF that happens, that being said, I feel I must by Maria Redmond give a shout out to our President, Rhonda Martocci and and the tasty kisses our CEO, Tommy Hall for having the foresight to plan by Jodi DeDecker such a gala affair. Jodi DeDecker-Bubar gave much of Bubar. her time and effort prior to the actual event as well as being a striking awards presenter. Jodi designed the table favors which were white net sacks filled with red candy kisses attractively tied with a leather look Thank You Card attached thanking everyone for supporting WHOA.  So attractive and well received. Jodi also de- signed and supplied “wooden carved coasters” as table prizes. These coasters were a coveted item.  Maria Redmond prepared the beautiful floral table decorations. Hats off to both these ladies for their ar- The superb Jodi dent support of WHOA and WHOA’s activities. DeDecker Bubar styling in the ele- Teresa Owen, WHOA Secretary was on hand to gant ladies’ room. assist in any way—one way was introducing the Bid Our thnks to Card for our Silent Auction. This Bid Card helped the you for your bidders and the ones figuring the items  afterward tre- enthusiastic help. mendously. Thank you, Teresa. Teresa’s daughter Kristin helped with the Lifetime Membership drawing OR wherever we needed her assistance. Charlie Howard, coffee/breakfast bar gent extraor- dinaire oversaw the Silent Auction. Keeping the many coveted items in place. Charlie put the finishing touches on the items and arranged them in order that one could easily find their purchases, pay for them and leave with- out a long wait. (again thanks to that specially designed Bid Card)    Marcy Allison and Patsy Newberry assisted by A partial view of Patsy’s pretty and brilliant granddaughter,  Amanda the comfortable Newberry kept the 50/50 tickets in order and going looking men’s at a keen rate, and perhaps most important, the table room. assignments assigned!  Thank you ladies for all your help ! Capping off a magnificent evening was the always anticipated 50/50 drawing. The winner get 50% of the 15