Walking On Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2019 - Page 14

WHOA’s stunning and capable President Rhonda Martocci with husband Stan Blaylock. WHOA Executive Director Tommy Hall and Direc- tor Mark Taylor worked to make the event run smoothly. 2018 INTERNATIONAL BEST OF SHOW CANTER Labeled A Parolee Owned by Lindy Holt Trained and shown by Jessica Hlebak WOMACK PRESIDENTIAL AWARD Mr & Mrs J.W Cross III and Family  The Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Womack Presidential Award is presented to a member of the Walking Horse Owners Association that has demonstrated a position of leadership within the Tennessee Walking Horse industry  The J.W. Cross family was very instrumental in the formation of the Walking Horse Owners’ Association and The International.  J.W. Cross, as well as his daugh- ter Amy, served on the WHOA Board for many years. The Cross family was very close friends with John T and Mary Miller. The Millers were also, influential in the formation of WHOA. John T. Miller had a vision to build an indoor arena to serve WHOA and show case The In- ternational.  The Cross family served as guiding lights in the formation of John T Miller’s vision and the fruition of his dream.  Following Mr. Miller’s death, the Cross family was determined to see that Mr. John’s dream of an indoor coliseum for WHOA became a reality. The Miller Colise- um is the culmination of this dream. Many thanks to the Cross family for their continued support of WHOA. Appreciation awards included: Horse Shows - Larry Starnes Family International Coffee & Doughnuts Morning Welcome Wagon - Charles Howard & Vic Gernt Patsy Newberry and her grand- daughter Aman- da proved to be invaluable help. Kentucky Gate Keeper - Sput Houchins Horse Shows - ThorSport Farm, MacGregor Stables, North Carolina - Leon & Shannon Gibbs International Center Ring Decorations - Maria Redmond WHOA President - Rhonda Martocci WHOA Facebook and Illinois Horse shows - Jodi DeDecker Bubar 14 • Walking On