Walking On Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2017 - Page 18

Show Results for Glenda Kirkland Country Pleasure Eng/Wes AOT 1 More Than Smooth, Danielle John- son for Vic Gernt 2 Pushy Lady Charged Up, Cliff Costel- lo for Joyce Augustine 3 Red Lady VIP, Steve Ponder o/e 4 Mr. Adjustable, Kris Ponder for Steve Ponder 5 Twilight’s Merry Boy, Dalainia North- ern for Rick Gregory Trial Pleasure Eng/Wes Open 1 He’s Steppinwolf, Scot MacGregor for Scot/Lynn MacGregor 2 Banner Headlines, Marilynne Ma- cLeod for Martha Child 3 Power Trip N, Jason Crawhorn for Dr. Nicole Dickinson 4 Flintlock And Loaded, Allee Hopper for William Allen Flowers 5 Jazz Fatal Attack, Ava Johnson for Joel Woosley Country Pleasure Eng/Wes Five & Under Amateur 1 Last Sip Of Cocoa, Catherine Corn- well o/e 2 Dog On General Jackson, Kris Pon- der for Steve Ponder 3 Troubles Touch Of Gold, Steve Pon- der o/e Trail Pleasure Eng/Wes Two & Three Year Old Open 1 The G Knight Kiss, Jason Crawhorn for Dr. John Lay 2 Hawk Attack, Jamie Woosley for Jan Rochester Lite Shod Eng/Wes AOT Specialty 1 A Kiss Goodnight, Debbie Smothers o/e 2 I Rish I Could, Alana Northern for Glenda Kirkland 3 Three Blue Sevens, Michael Collins for Glenda Kirkland 18 • Walking On All Day Pleasure Eng/Wes Two & Three Year Old Amateur 1 Lady Gi Gi, Danielle Johnson for Vic Gernt 2 Toknights The Knight, Peggy Byrd for Byrd/Carter Flat Shod Pleasure (Canter) 1 Jose’s Pretty Lady, Scot MacGregor for Martha Child Trail Pleasure Eng/Wes Amateur 1 He Owns The Night, Debbie Smoth- ers o/e 2 Banner Headlines, Martha Child o/e Country Pleasure Eng/Wes Two Year Old Amateur 1 Gi Gi Jose Star, Alana Northern for Glenda Kirkland 2 Ivory’s Charmed Legacy, Dalaine Northern for Glenda Kirkland 3 Midnight Attack, William Massey for Jan Rochester Trail Pleasure Eng/Wes Youth 1 Fatals Deuncle, Jamison Woosley for Donald Hendrick Ride For The Roses Dillsburg, Pennsylvania September 16, 2017 Judge: Jeff Daniel Model Open 1 Specials Storm Alert, Paul Lenhart for Willey/Lenhart 2 Nine Yards Above & Beyond, Dakota Hodgson o/e Country Pleasure Specialty 1 Rowdy Roxie, Paul Lenhart for Len- hart/Kaczmark/Ronan 2 Armed Flashy Girl, Dale Seidel for Dale/Nine Seidel 3 The Rainbow Warrior, Chris Hollo- way for Joe London All Day Pleasure 1 Gamblers Golden Flame WF, Susan T. Smith o/e 2 Nine Yards Above & Beyond, Dakota Hodgson o/e 3 Dr. Matt, Eddie Byers for Eddie/Bren- da Byers 4 Stars Boot Scoot N Boogie, Rose Murphy o/e 5 Oatmeal Cookie, Anne Barnett o/e Classic Park Pleasure Specialty 1 Ice’s Black Jack, Paul Lenhart for Wiley/Lenhart All Day Easy 2 Gait Ladies 1 Gen’s Royal Chip, Victoria Byers Kee- gan for Kari Keegan 2 Picassos Masterpiece, Susan Boose for Roger Boose 3 Oatmeal Cookie, Anne Barnett o/e 4 Sarah, Sophia Perez for The Perez Family Trail Pleasure Ladies Specialty 1 Big City Jose, Diane Light o/e 2 Really Rowdy, Michelle Kaczmark o/e Rackiing Trail Open 1 Cocoa’s Widowmaker, Karen Maier for Stonehedge Farm 2 Power Nap, Paul Lenhart for Robert/ Vicky Swayne 3 Generator’s Bit Of Pride, Rose Mur- phy for Tina Landis Lite Shod Specialty 1 Miller’s Ultralite, Diane Light o/e 2 Vol’s Spirit, Vicky Swayne for Robert/ Vicky Swayne Trail Pleasrue Specialty 1 Big City Jose, Diane Light o/e 2 Wise And Famous, Matthew Lail for Joe London 3 Really Rowdy, Micelle Kaczmark o/e All Day Pleasure Youth 1 Gamblers Golden Flame WF, Lindsay