Walking On Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2017 - Page 12

WHOA Versatility Shows Brownsville, Kentucky • September 10 Captions by Sis Osborne • Photos by Lori Finch 1 4 7 1 - Shelby Finch talked her boyfriend Aar- on into attending the show. We may have Aaron in the irons before too much longer IF we can lure him away from Tennessee Tech. 2 - Vic Gernt, Larry Starnes, McKenzie Vincent and Olivia Russell who worked really hard ALL DAY LONG to see the show ran smoothly and everything was in the correct place. 3 - The Larry Starnes family, minus hard working Larry. 2 5 4 - The Lead Line Class features the future of our breed. Here we show Allie Ford on Coach Sabin with sister Kate leading and Hannah Starnes on Belle Of Rocky Hill with Shelby Finch leading. 5 - Dalton Goodman from Albany, Ken- tucky had One Hot Flintlock just right for several top ribbons. 6 - Entries in the Walk Only Class. The winner is Blake Johnson on your right aboard More Than Smooth. 3 12 • Walking On 6 7 - Receiving a check from WHOA for appreciation of their hard work in hosting the Brownsville KEEPS Shows are (left to right): Tracy Mitchell, Edmonson County Pony Express 4H Leader, Larry Starnes, Spud Houchins, McKenzie Vincent, Pony Express President, and Olivia Russell, Pony Express Secretary.