Walking On Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2016 - Page 7

Member Spotlight Jodi DeDecker Bubar & Gary Bubar Introduced while in the Air Force, Jodi DeDecker Bubar and Gary Bubar have been married for 10 years. Jodi is a native of Illinois while Gary is originally from Maine. Today, the couple reside in Southern Illinois with their three Tennessee Walking Horses. Jodi began her journey with Tennessee Walking Horses in 2004 with Goliath, an unregistered walking horse from a dude ranch in Mt. Home, Arkansas. However, she credits her full introduction to the breed to her neighbors, Melanie and David Lehman, and their stallion, Generator’s Mac Attack. It was Mac’s rocking chair canter and outstanding disposition that initially made Jodi a Tennessee Walking Horse devotee. As her love for the breed grew, she began grooming at horse shows for the Lehman family and, after being thoroughly bitten by the horse show bug, she purchased her first registered Tennessee Walking Horse, Miss Minni Mac, from them. A year later, in 2007, she made her show ring debut. In discussing why she loves her chosen breed, Jodi relates, “For regular folks who cannot have a separate horse everything they want to do, a Tennessee Walking Horse solves that problem. Show one day and ride the trail the next. What’s not to love?” When asked about her favorite horse-related memory, she states that it would have to be anytime she’s gotten to present the flag at shows or events. Developing his enthusiasm for the breed at Jodi’s side, Gary has become an avid trail rider, camper, and occasional show ring exhibitor. He is also a devoted groom and horse show crew member. Over the years Jodi and Gary have become very active promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse through breed demonstrations. They have also gone above and beyond in their support of the Walking Horse Owners’ Association. Members since 2006, they are both active volunteers. Jodi currently manages the WHOA Facebook page and Gary is a mainstay at the International and other WHOA shows. They are both enthusiastic about the association’s programs, its message, and its desire to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse to the largest audience possible. –Sarah Gee 7