Walking On Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2016 - Page 10

WHOA Presents Annual Awards 2015 Appreciation Awards Larry Starnes International and Kentucky Shows Kathy Owen Silent Auction Vic Gernt International and Cookville,TN Show Scot & Lynn MacGregor DQP Clinic J.D. Harber Service Horse Program Gary Bubar International Linda Starnes Youth Duke Thorson Family Horse Shows Jody DeDecker Bubar International and Facebook updates Kim Bennett Paddock Master, Franklin, KY Shows Sis Osborne Register of Merit John Wright Support 2015 WHOA Versatility High Point Awards TRAIL OBSTACLE 1. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen 2. Victory Trip & Linda Starnes 3. Sweet Dixie Delight & Linda Starnes TRAIL OBSTACLE YOUTH 1. Victory Trip & Shelby Finch 2. Sweet Dixie Delight & Shelby Finch 3. Revs Treasure & Mallory Johnson REINING 1. Victory Trip & Linda Starnes 2. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen 3. Victory Trip & Shelby Finch WATER GLASS YOUTH 1. Victory Trip & Shelby Finch 2. Rev’s Treasure & Mallory Johnson 3. Genius Boys Alpha Star & Rachel Cowles WATER GLASS ADULT 1. Rev’s Treasure & Danielle Johnson 2. Dolly Dumas & Ada Kitty Keen 3. Victory Trip & Dan Starnes 10 • Walking On WEANLINGS 1. Khemosabis Kokopelli, Ginger Williams 2. She’s A Wild Child, Justin Miller Family 3. Bryleighs Walktime Angel, Gray & Jones SHOWMANSHIP - YOUTH 1. Shelby Finch 2. Victoria Kalosis 3. Rachel Cowles SHOWMANSHIP - ADULT 1. Ada Kitty Keen 2. Linda Starnes 3. Sarah Beth Arnold YEARLINGS 1. Black Strokes Vengeance, C L Kline Farms 2. Hello Sorpresa, The Dotson Brothers 3. The Say Hey Kid, The Dotson Brothers MODEL 1. Wise Man Supreme, Betty Osborne 2. Mystic Jazz, Rushing Creek Farm 3. Sweet Georgia Jazz, Susan Paul FLAT SHOD DRIVING 1. My Private Eye, Ann Marie Couch 1. He’s Pushers Easy Cash, Wayne Barnes 2. Let’s Get Rowdy, Bradley Richards ALL DAY PLEASURE - AMATEUR 1. Wicked Times, Vic Gernt 2. Rev’s Treasure, Vic Gernt 3. Money of Joy TK, Sarah Beth Arnold TRAIL PLEASURE OPEN 1. José’s Black Swan, Gladney Farms 2. RB Banners Dixie Belle, Marilyn Macleod 2. Maximizer, Kayte Daffron COUNTRY PLEASURE AOT 1. Coolest Girl In Town, Leek & Moore 2. Mikimoto Pearl, Adams & Howard 3. Ms. Minni Mac, Jodi DeDecker Bubar