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Walk the Sea with Me - Reg Kelly get queasy and nervous on me and tune out. I am going to say what needs to be said everywhere. A boy and girl engage in sexual activity… the girl gets preg- nant…the boy walks away, he is considered a stud, but the girl is tagged a slut, a whore, a low-life! She carries the baby while the boy shoots pool, races cars, chases other girls, plays ball…and guess what? HE IS A MAN!” “The girl delivers the baby, drops out of school, doesn’t get an education. She is often run out of her home, chased out of the church. She can’t work be- cause she has to take care of the baby. Often, she has to go live with grandpar- ents or relatives in another state. Those involved just want to get the shameful hussy out of sight and out of mind. The girl is ruined for life, branded, burned, used and abused in broken trust over and over again. She is locked out of a ca- reer, a decent job, and carries the stigma for the rest of her life. She is the moth- er of a bastard. So, life is virtually over for her. She cannot be and will never be a ‘true woman’. Now, the boy, or should we say, ‘scum-bag’ goes on to college, or a job, or a business, marries little ‘sweetie pie’, has two kids and everything is just hunky-dory! Everything is wonderful down on the Judeo-Christian planta- tions. It’s all mom and apple pie, right? Not quite. You girls know in your heart that it’s wrong, unjust and unfair. Men can have pleasure without responsibility and get by with it. Oh, they scored! It’s sports, girls, and you are the ones who get kicked around in the game. Yet, women are bound to a code and culture of ‘no pleasure without responsibility’!” She took her arms and hands to her belly and made a motion indicating a pregnant woman then used her arms to show a picture of carrying and rocking a baby while she drove her point home. “Women have been made to carry the responsibility throughout history.” “Now, listen and listen close! Let’s say the woman or girl, whichever the case may have been, was molested or raped. For whatever reason, she felt she just could not or did not want to carry, deliver and raise that child. Does she have any options or choices? Not at home. Not at the church. What is she to do? Ah! The American way!” Having the girls’ absolute attention, Miss Linda reached down and pulled out the drawer of her desk. They watched as she pulled out a wire clothes hanger, and as she lifted it up in the air, she began to untwist it and fashioned it into an instrument. “Here, girls,” she said, “is the Judeo-Christian, American answer! A clothes hanger! To be used by the woman herself, or if she can come up with some green cash, she might find some greasy, nasty, filthy back alley, ‘supposed to be’ doctor who will do the honors for her. She risks her life through internal injury or infection, AND, don’t forget girls, she is also risking being arrested, charged and prosecuted as a criminal for violating the good Christian laws of this great nation. And, again, where is the young man, or old, whatever the case may be…where is he? Why, he’s sailing over life’s sea enjoying the breezes and ben- efits of a culture and society that is pure anti-woman!” 8