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The Crusader intimidate, talk over… “he who frames the question, wins the debate.”…spin the spider’s web…persuasion power. The only problem was, Miss Linda usually answered her own questions, making sure the class understood that their “back- woods” minds were too dim, too unlearned to be able to articulate a subject, or issue, in the proper “liberal/progressive” expression…i.e. “answer intelligently.” “Well,” she began, “Our school year is nearly over, and I want each of you to know what a pleasure it has been to become involved in your lives, to be able to hopefully have a part in opening the spectrum, and horizons of your understanding of the world. To see a world beyond these hills, beyond your families, to see beyond your churches…to challenge “accepted social norms,” and your sheltered boxed-in, religious superstitions.” She began to drone on… “To know and experience a huge, and exciting, world of science, knowledge, cultures, religions, philosophies, political creeds, and beliefs that many would never have you to know.” She began to preach her faith in earnest. “You girls can know the freedom and experience the thrill of bursting out of old, worn out and failed religious and cultural norms. Get into new dis- coveries, ideas and concepts that will open doors of opportunities; things that your mothers and grandmothers could only dream about! My goal here has been and will continue to be nothing less than your complete conversion that throws off the old order and births a new social order where men and women are truly equal in every respect…in opportunity, pay scale, position, and yes, in pleasure. And, this, young ladies, really, I would rather address you as young women, should be held as your life purpose…to liberate the female from the male domination. You know the term ‘lady’ should be abandoned because it is connected to the antiquated Victorian view of women and is really used to keep women in their ‘proper place’ in the social order. Now, you heard me utter the word ‘pleasure’ earlier. This word, which has been anathema for women to even whisper, will be our final class lecture and discussion today.” Walking behind the desk, she took on the air of sophistication and superi- ority as well as a kind of holy soberness. It was all designed to cause the girls to wait with baited breath, the enlightening utterances soon to proceed out of her exalted mind. “It is a holy grail, institutionalized, silently, yet concretely, encoded part of the great American Judeo-Christian heritage, so eloquently spoken of many. First of all, in this Judeo-Christian Culture, men may indulge in sensual or sexual pleasure without carrying or assuming any responsibilities associated with it. Such as the conception, carrying, birthing and raising of a child. Of course, unless he wants to marry this particular girl and assume that responsibility, but he has the choice in Judeo-Christian, male dominated society. Secondly, women may not indulge in pleasure without the reality that she must literally be ready to completely bear and carry the responsibilities and consequences of that indulgence in pleasure. Now, don’t lose me here! Don’t 7