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Walk the Sea with Me - Reg Kelly Arkansas…May, 1973…Jasper High School The school year was almost over, summer was ready to be lived and explored. The girl’s health class at Jasper High School had made an impact upon the young ladies who were forced to endure the propaganda machine of Miss Linda Mallory. She was ready to leave a final lasting impression upon their pliable minds. “Good morning, girls!” The response was subdued and muffled, yet attentive to her casual, yet cutting tirades, reflecting her personal crusade. A 25 year old Joan of Arc had arrived in this little, dark ages, Arkansas school to rescue these poor girls from their macho-male dominated, patriarchal culture and society. She was a liber- ated soldieress of the Feminist Movement, sent out to break the chains of their Bible banging, Bible thumping, Bible belt-buckle, slave holders! Miss Mallory prided herself in being trained in the art of ACLU cham- pion, Clarence Darrow, speak-craft of precision…expertise in subject matter, 6