Waldensian Review - Page 2

Enough moaning for now: news about the 2013 Synod and the AGM 2013 will appear in our next issue. Meanwhile let’s be grateful for being able to support our lovely Italian Methodist ordinand Noemi in her ‘year abroad’ at Wesley House, Cambridge. And don’t let’s forget what a difference your donation can make! PLEASE BE GENEROUS! Have a Great Christmas, ESN, Editor WALDENSIAN CALENDARS 2014 Back to the traditional look: stunning views of the Waldensian valleys and mountains with historical news in the reverse cover and Bible verses in various languages every month. Noemi Falla in Cambridge Knowing she was going to spend an academic year in Cambridge, Noemi decided to find a place to stay and do voluntary work during the Summer. Through a student organisation (Gruppi Biblici Universitari) she managed to be with dozens of young Christians from all over the world involved in organising a warm welcome for students coming to Cambridge to learn the English language. This meant serving in the two cafés of Friends International, distributing leaflets in airports and language schools and setting up activities in Parkers Piece from cricket to croquet and volley-ball, from drama to conversation with local young people. Each evening was different but always with a biblical theme and a chance for everyone interested to take part in Scripture reading and a short act of worship. In those six weeks she managed to familiarise herself with the place, the language and the British way of life, helped in this by being hosted by local families belonging to different churches, including the Nimmo-Smiths, who helped her in the final week when she took the examinations required for her year of study within the Cambridge Theological Federation. She then went back to Italy and since 19 September she is happily settled in Wesley House where she is enjoying the sense of community and Christian fellowship and the new way of studying and learning which she is discovering with great interest. She is also delighted to be mixing with a very lively international group of fellow students from all Christian denominations who, like her, are part of the Cambridge Theological Federation. You’ ?XY[?H?^\??YHX??]\??????\?PH[?\??[?[???H[?HYX\??[?[?H?[HY??\?[?[??\??Y[????HB?X?Y[ZX??[Y?[?\?[?[X[??[][??\?[???Y]????? ?[??YY0??L ?L ?PT?N??[?[?\??\]Y\? ^XX?H??[[??X[???\??Z\??[?H?Z[?XH?[?\? NH??\?\??X? ??????Y[??Q?P???[Y[X?\??[??YH[?\???Y?\??B??\??H???\?]Y\??H? ??[?H?[??H?\?H]]\??[XX?H[??X?\?K??\?\?[?KH?]H?[??]]?X]X?[H?X?Z[H?Y?ZY??\??Z[???]??[??HX\?Y\???????[[??X[????Z???H?\??[YKH[??\???[Z]YH[?ZY?B??[[??X[??\??Z\??[?????\?]????X??]K???H?]H[?H\?HX?H????YH]\???H??H?[[??X[???]?Y]??][??X??\??H\??]?H??HXY?^?[?K??[??[H?^H?X???? K??????[?[?????H?X??]H\?[H[\?[????X?]Z[???H?^H??[Z]YHY[X?\??[?B?[????\??[?H?\?]H??[Z\??[??X?????H?H]\??\????^H[??H[?\??]?[?B??HH?Y?[??[??[?H?X??]H?[??\?\?X[?B?[?H???X?[]Y\?[?H?]\?K[??Y[???[?H?[\???X?X?][??[?[?H[?H?XY[??X]\????\?H\?H[??\?Y?[?[?????\???[[??X[??X??]\?[??XY[??X]\?[????[??\?[?][X[??\?H[??YH??YH?B??[[??X[??Y\??\?\??X?[?H?[??^H]?[B??\?][??][K?????Y?[?H]?H[?H?Y??\?[??X??]?]??[??X]\?H?H?]K??^\??[\??H] ?H??[?B?[Y?Y?X\????H[?K?X\?H??X?H?X??]B?Y]?[\?Z\?[??\??][?\?YX\???X??]P?[[??X[????Z[??[?[KX\?H??XYH??X??]H?X??]K??\?[??H?]??X??Y?\???[?K[??[???]???H?\??]\?[???Z\?[??]???[K??B??H]]?[?X??YB??H?HXY[??[??\??[??XY?H?]\??B??[[??X[??\?? ???\?\?[??^?][??H??H???X???B???[Z]YK?H???]?HHX?[]H?Z?H?[?B??][????\??[??\??[\?]Z[?X??]????]\H?[?[???\?[??Y?ZY?[?\??][??[?H?[?X\?[H?X???Y??H?][?Y?\?[??XZ?H[?[??[??Y]?X?]?\??^[Y[? ?\?H\?H?\?Y??YH?????