Waldensian Review No.124 Summer 2014 - Page 6

Three visits to the Waldensian valleys have brought a love for the combined beauty and austerity of those remote places which cradled the Reformed Church in northern Italy. For me there are echoes of rural areas of the Scottish highlands and islands that I know well. Both in the Hebrides and in Piedmont we experience the words of the psalms and the teachings of the gospels in a way that responds directly to our awe at the wonder of creation and our need for guidance with the continuing challenges of daily life. We return refreshed and receive this same grace, not only in the countryside but also in our busy urban lives. Ian Nimmo-Smith My year at Wesley House, Cambridge Living at Wesley House College has been a significant time of reflection and personal growth and I am sure that this year abroad will impact my ministry. Life in college This was not my first experience, as I lived in the Student Residence of the Waldensian Faculty of Theology in Rome for five years. What has struck me at Wesley House is the approach towards people. Kindness, love and care shown by the Wesley House community have been the most important characteristics which have contributed to make me feel at home, especially since I was in a foreign country. I have learnt the meaning of hospitality by being hosted, and I would like to be able to share this attitude with the people I will meet on my journey, especially those who come from different countries and/or backgrounds. I have really appreciated the tutorials, a totally new experience to me. Having a person (tutor) to talk to about my vocation and my personal growth during this very enriching year has been very effective and helpful. It has allowed me to have a picture of myself every month, by making sense of everything I have felt and done. I have also appreciated the presence of the two chaplains as a spiritual support during assignment-writing and tough times. Having pre-assigned people who have different roles, tutors included, has helped me to understand that not everyone can do everything and to admire the variety of God’s gifts within the universal Church. I have also enjoyed the use of arts within morning prayers, community worships, MTS (Methodist Theology and Spirituality) seminars and the creative project about mission. This has given me the freedom to express my understanding of the Gospel in a creative way. The Cambridge Theological Federation Being part of The Cambridge Theological Federation has been a good way to become familiar with different religious traditions from a spiritual and academic viewpoint. 4