Waldensian Review No.124 Summer 2014 - Page 20

Publications You are My Witnesses: the Waldensians across 800 Years by Giorgio Tourn and Associates — £9 plus postage and packing The Waldensians’ “Glorious Recovery” of their Alpine Valleys The legendary “Recovery” with a brief summary of the previous 500 years by Richard Newbury — £1 plus postage and packing Love never fails by Tullio Vinay — £7 plus postage and packing The Waldensian Story: A Study in Faith, Intolerance and Survival by Prescot Stephens — Available for Christmas! Guide of the Waldensian Valleys All you need to know and see and plenty of stunning photographs by Giorgio Tourn — £8 plus postage and packing What the British found when they discovered the French Vaudois in the Nineteenth Century by W.S.F. Pickering — £3 plus postage and packing All these books are available from Miss Nicky Raddon, 19 Sampson Avenue, Barnet en5 2rn Telephone 0208-364-8182 Please telephone for exact cost of postage Huguenot Cross souvenirs and information can be obtained from: The Huguenot Society, University College, Gower Street, London wcie 6bt The Huguenot Cross, symbol of Protestantism all over Europe Produced by Anne Chippindale (01223-354717) and printed in Great Britain by Falcon Printing Services Limited, Unit 14 Ronald Rolph Court, Wadloes Road, Cambridge, cb5 8px.