Waldensian Review No.124 Summer 2014 - Page 2

FROM the EDITOR Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you for your constant support with your prayers and financial help. We have had a good year: Noemi Falla has had a highly fruitful year at Wesley House, where we were able to hold a great fundraising evening in February, strengthening further the already strong links with the Methodist Church. Unfortunately, Wesley House as a Cambridge College for the Training of Methodist Ministers has now decided to concentrate on becoming a postgraduate Theological College as part of a wider programme within the Cambridge Theological Federation. Fortunately, this does not preclude more students from the Waldensian Faculty of Theology still spending their year of study abroad here. My strong appeal to readers to get in touch and to register for the online magazine via email seems to have worked! I’ve received messages and also contributions from more people than ever. Most of these, though, are people I know – even long-lost friends – while a few hundred are still … unaccounted for. PLEASE: those who haven’t done so yet DO GET IN TOUCH and let me know if you still would like to receive the paper magazine – and send me a little contribution – or even better, let me have your email in order to be told when a new issue is available on our website: http://www.waldensian.org.uk In January, Richard and I attended the memorial service of one of our most devoted friends, Madeline Gibbs, in St Leonards-on-Sea. It was a serene occasion and the Waldensian Church Mission was mentioned a few times (Obituary in the next issue). The article on Primo Levi by Ian Thomson is now online. Farewell and best wishes to Tim Macquiban who is to be the Minister of Ponte Sant’Angelo English Speaking Methodist Church in Rome! We have a new Chairman: Ian Nimmo-Smith, whose little presentation you can read further on. The WALDENSIAN CALENDAR 2015 is a very special one! The illustrations are taken from my father Filippo Scroppo’s paintings of the Valleys, done when he arrived there from Sicily as a young man. The reverse pages are about The WALDENSIANS and ENGLAND, with Gilly, Beckwith and the WCM included. A GOOD reason to buy more than one!!! ESN, Editor Cover photo: Committee and friends in Hinde Street Methodist church, October 2013.