Waldensian Review No.124 Summer 2014 - Page 12

IF ANYONE WANTS a lovely place to stay in Italy – long or short visits – cities, sea-side, mountains, JUST ASK ME!!!! I still have some vouchers! ericascroppo@hotmail.com 01223 315753 ESN Louisa Boyce, benefactress to the Waldensians and founder of Casa Valdese of Vallecrosia The link between the Duke of Wellington and the Waldensian Church has long been acknowledged – it was in 1827, while waiting in the Library of Apsley House in London for an appointment with the Duke, that General John Charles Beckwith picked up and started reading a copy of Canon William Stephen Gilly’s book Narrative of an Excursion to the Mountains of Piedmont. The Duke himself continued to support the Waldensian cause by approving the continuation of the Royal Grant for Vaudois Pastors, established in the 17th century, and in 1829 he also received a publication dedicated to him from Count Ferdinando dal Pozzo of Genoa explaining the dire situation the Waldensians found themselves in. Could there be another link between so small a church and so important an English national figure? About five years before Beckwith met with the Duke, on 24 April 1822 Louisa Georgiana Augusta Anna, the only daughter of Sir George Murray and Lady Louisa Erskine (neé Paget) was born in Mitcham, Surrey. When she was baptised, probably in London, Arthur Wellesley, who in 1814 had been created the Duke of Wellington in recognition of his services to his country, stood as her Godf ]\