Waldensian Review No 132 Summer 2018 - Page 9

The WCM delegate in the Synod procession. Stanislao Calati was born into a Catholic family and grew up in Como and in the Po Valley around Vercelli. After losing his faith, he even em- braced anarchism. He returned, however, to Bible studies and became a lay preacher; being a teacher and having a family, it took him a while to finish his studies in Theology and now he is about to start a PhD alongside being a Pastor. ‘For me neither age nor sex should be a bar to preaching the Word’. Neapolitan Francesco Marfè discovered Protestantism through his studies in a Catholic Seminary, and he was brought to Protestantism by a Lutheran woman Pastor in Naples. His Pentecostal uncle was also influential in his formative years. He likes the Reformed idea of the Pastor as the minister of the Word. What he promises to be is a servant of the Word. Stefano Giannatempo was born in Turin, where he was attracted by his experience of the Waldensian Church there. He did his year abroad at Princeton University. His three main passions are working with young people, liturgy and ecumenism. He loves the concept underlined by 7