Waldensian Review No 132 Summer 2018 - Page 12

Parma area, help them find work, to learn Italian, to chivvy along the various bureaucratic hurdles and to mediate between the family and the Ghanaian community who worship and pray in the same building. The Jones’ three children have had the effect of lowering the average age of the Parma group. Collegio Valdese and the Leys School In the last three years, thanks to the Chaplain, Rev Clifford Meharry, six students of Collegio Valdese, the only Protestant Grammar School in Italy – built with the money raised by our Committee under the guidance of Canon Stephen Gilly – have been able to spend two weeks at the Leys School (Methodist) in Cambridge. It was full immersion into famous public-school life plus, thanks to Clifford, cultural and tourists visits to Cambridge, Lon- don and Ely, where, as well as the splendid cathedral, a great attrac- tion was Oliver Cromwell’s House. Jacopo Grognardi and Kyle Rivoira came in 2016; Monica Co- lombo and Chiara Gisondi were the 2017 guests, and this year there were Beatrice Congiu and Arianna Veglio. Everything was a great success. Rev. Meharry and his wife Lynda hope to visit Col- legio Valdese and the Valleys next year. ESN In college with the Chaplain. A trip to London: Trafalgar Square. 10