Waldensian Review No 132 Summer 2018 - Page 10

Jesus when he chose the 12 Apostles so that they would stay with him and at the same time they would be sent to preach to the world. The Sunday Service of Synod was held in the open air at Chanforan with its spectacular view over Val d’Angrogna. Here, in 1532 at Chanforan, the Waldensian Synod voted to join the Genevan Reformation, but also commis- sioned (and paid 1500 gold ecus) Calvin’s cousin the Hebr ]\]][[]HH\[Y[[[[]\HH]x&\]\KBY[ \X[YHHٙXX[[][ۈ܈[ۙ\[[H8&\B[][&K[H[][\\[ۈHXH܈8&\][&KYY][YZ[][ܘ[\[X]HHXX][ۈوH][\[][ۈقH]\[Y[\YX\B]\]][&\XH]HH[H[[X[\[\[X\Y\HY[\Y ]HXHوۛ\[H]X[KB\K[YY HH[HXHY[H]\H[ Y[[΂X\\[\\ˈۈH\[ۈوH[[و[\[ B\^\H[\وH]X\[^HۋH[]B[H]\[H[]]XܙX[]HH\\H[H]H[Y[X\[B[^H^Y\8)[Yۚ[ٙ]]\]]\[YX[ۈ]H[[H[\[HX\Hܙ]^H܈YH[܈[و\[\\[\\˂B\H\HYHX]\ۈX[H۝ݙ\X[\Y\X\[\[\[[Yܘ][ۈ][H\ [[[Yܘ]HH][[قZ[H8&X\YY8&H\H[[YYH[Z[H[H][ۋ[Y][[[ܛ[][H[]]X]X[HH][X[][ۘ[ˈ[ܙ[ݙ\^HY܈H^[[ۈوH8&[X[]\X[ܜYܜ&HۈXHܙX]X[وH L \Y[[ۋX]\Y[ۈ8&]\B[Z[O&H[8&]\HYO&H[ۈH[و[X]]H\K]][\XK\[\YX]H[وH[ ]XHYY[KY[XY\[\]܋]Y[[\\[H\ܝY]H L ^۝X][ۂY\[8 HZ[[ۋX\]؝\B