Waldensian Review No 131 Winter 2017/18 - Page 3

Our representative at the 2017 Synod in Torre Pellice was Richard New- bury, whose report will be available in our Summer issue. There were five new ministers ordained, three men: Stefano Giannatempo, Stanislao Calati and Francesco Marfè and two women: Ilenya Goss and ‘our’ Noemi Falla. The Waldensian Day in Cambridge was joyful and successful: full report on both events in the Summer issue. During the Summer for the second year running the Leys School (Meth- odist) in Cambridge hosted some students from the Collegio Valdese in Torre Pellice and there are plans for a return visit. This was organised thanks to the Leys Chaplain, the Rev Clifford Meharry. More news in the Summer issue. The Moderator E. Bernardini, N. Falla, F. Marfè, the preacher Prof F. Ferrario, S. Giannatempo, I. Goss. AND here is the novelty of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation: a PLAYMOBIL Martin Luther that has been immensely popular all over the world and is now a collector’s item. It can be yours for just £9.99! (P&P in- cluded). Order from: E.S. Newbury, 85 St Andrew’s Road, Cambridge CB4 1DH (cheques to Waldensian Church Mission). 2