Waldensian Review No 130 Summer 2017 - Page 5

Peter Winter with one of the prints, and the prints in the Archivio in Torre Pellice. ence organised by the Cromwell Association at the National Civil War Centre in Newark to meet up with Mr Winter, who gave us the six prints. On the way back to Cambridge, we stopped at his house for a cup of tea with himself and his wife. It was like visiting long-lost friends. In August we took the precious box by car to Italy and the prints were duly delivered into the hands of a very enthusiastic Archivist. The engravings – three by W.H. Bartlett and three by W. Brockedon – are particularly interesting because the Alpine views of the Waldensian Valleys are in colour and the Centro didn’t have any like them. They have been cleaned and reframed and are now hanging in a highly visible spot on a wall of the Archive for visitors to enjoy. Go and see them! ES News from Noemi Falla Dear brothers and sisters, Over the past two years I have been doing my probation, first in the Methodist Church of Bologna and Modena, and then in Parma-Mezzani and Casalmag- giore, where I am still serving. The beauty of these congregations is that, along with the Italian people, there are brothers and sisters coming from different countries, such as Ghana, 3