Waldensian Review No 130 Summer 2017 - Page 4

of the Mafia up to the spectacular killing of judges Falcone and Borsellino, from the end of the First Republic to the Berlusconi era. He claims he still does not understand much, though … He has met five popes and travelled with them, getting to know most of them rather well. Talking about his book (now in paperback), The Promise of Francis: The Man, the Pope and the Challenge of Change (Gallery Books), he explained that the modernisers in the Roman Catholic Church didn’t succeed in electing Francis after the long ‘reign’ of John Paul II, thus giving Benedict XVI a difficult mandate. Pope Ratzinger knew all the secrets and was involved in many controversial issues, including the covering up of uncomfort- able truths. He was a fragile compromise between the conservative theology of the David Willey at Wesley’s Chapel, London. South and the money of the Liberal North. Now Francis might decide to disavow his own rule of introducing a retirement age of 80 for cardinals in order to build a large enough majority of Cardinals chosen by himself in the Curia that they will be able to deliver another reformer in his own image. He has been said to have more enemies inside his Church than outside, but this is not new for such a big institution,only partly modernised and divided into so many factions and vested interests. Still, David is not keen on feeding conspiracy theories, with which Italy is absolutely saturated: for instance, he does not believe that Pope John Paul I, who died suddenly a few weeks after his VV7Fsv26VBRF2Bv2FRVf'GVFR( &7VW"ƖF>( vVWfW'Fr'WBWfW'Fr6WG27F2BF7F'26VFVBPV6vVBF&VB&VFrFRf6&W'G2Bv2fVBFVBFPWB&rV'BGF6fvr66r&VC𠐤Bv2vBF6VR6g&VG26VFr6RfW'VrW2g&Wv&FF'&RVƖ6P7F&W"#R&V6VfVBVg&6W'FWFW"vFW"vvFV@6RGf6R&WBrFFFR6WBb&G2&VvrF2FRFW"FRw&FFVvFW"b7F"&'FVVגv&F&vǒg&W6W&2vfRFVvBFR6W&6bF'&RVƖ6RvVB&RFR&vB6RF&V6FRFV'WBgFW"6WfW&W76vW2BFVWR62FR&6f7Bv'&V&W67VvvW7FVBFBFR&vB6RvVB&RFR&6fRFP6VG&7VGW&RfFW6R&#bvRFFR'GVGb6fW"У