Waldensian Review No 130 Summer 2017 - Page 15

Sadly we also need to announce the following: Klaus Langeneck 1955–2016 In September 2016, Pastor Klaus Langeneck died of complications following major surgery, aged 60. He was consecrated in 1985 and had worked in the parishes of Prarostino, Riesi and Livorno/Rio Marina (Elba), before arriving in Torre Pellice in 2013 as the second pastor. He also served the church twice as Circuit Superintendent (1st & 2nd Circuits). Married to Erika Tomassone, currently the Pastor of Rora, Klaus’s passion was music. He played several instruments and sang. It was not at all unusual during his services for him to come down from the pulpit to play the organ and/or conduct the choir. He would also invite the congregation to learn and sing new hymns, often from far away, and even to dance to African music! Demetrio Canale 1973–2017 Demetrio Canale died in January aged just 44, following a long battle with cancer. He was consecrated a Deacon by Claudio Pasquet at the Synod in 2014 and had held many different roles within the Waldensian Church, including Director of both Agape (Piedmont) and Servizio Cristiano (Sicily). He also spent a number of years working in the administrative offices of the Tavola in Rome. His father Elio Canale was the Headteacher of the Waldensian High School in Torre Pellice and Lucia, his sister, currently works at the Waldensian Cultural Centre. [The Canale family were my neighbours when I lived in Torre Pellice when Demetrio and Lucia were at school.] Donatella Sommani 1951–2017 Donatella Sommani, the former Director of the Waldensian Cultural Centre in Torre Pellice, died in February, aged 66. She had directed the Cultural Centre for 16 years, taking up the reins from Pastor Giorgio Tourn. fVVB'W767VW"FFVv2&&666ǒvW&RW"fFW"v2FR2ЧF"'WBw&WrWF'&RVƖ6RvVRv2FVB֖7FW"FW&RFW 6R&V6RFR6VbVFF"bFRvRƗF6bV6֖BƗfV@&RRbFRFW"&V7G26Rv2ffVBv2FRV( VF'&RFƖ'&( &fW7Ffv67FFW26RF'&RVƖ6RGG&7Fp&vRVFV6W2BF&RWF'26&FF0