Waldensian Review No 130 Summer 2017 - Page 11

News from Milan and Novara Daniel Pratt Chapman-Morris was presented, with his wife Grace, during the opening of the 2016 Synod. They are missionaries and they are posted by the Methodist Church UK wherever there is need. I met them in Torre Pellice with their young family, and this is what he writes after one year. Daniel, Grace and family. My name is Daniel and I am a British Methodist Mission partner serving in Italy. I am serving in two churches which contain diverse groups of people from several different countries. In Milan the church has at least 10 nation- alities. In Novara (a city near Milan) there are also many different countries represented. Our services are bilingual (in English and Italian). The vision is to encourage the different groups of people all to come together in Christ. My wife Grace is also serving as a Mission partner. Her role is different to my own. She serves on the intercultural and education committees. Her job is to work with these national committees and one of the tasks is to help create Sunday School material which reflects the diverse cultural traditions in the church. Grace is from Ghana and grew up in Gambia (near Senegal) and has enjoyed participating in these meetings very much. The goal of the Italian Church is neither assimilation, nor parallel co- existence. The vision is that, in being together, we will all learn from each other. It is not an easy task. By no means. All the normal church difficulties about styles of music and worship are there. When you add different cultural perspectives and languages into this mix it can make for a very interesting recipe. However, with God all things are possible, and we believe the Holy Spirit is with us. We pray we will always move in step with God’s presence. Rev. Dr Daniel Chapman-Morris 9