Waldensian Review No 130 Summer 2017 - Page 10

The team working with Mediterranean Hope and the Humanitarian Corridors. I serve congregations in Palermo (La Noce), Trapani and Marsala, with a particular focus on Essere Chiese Insieme [Being Church Together] – our com- mitment to ‘doing church together’ despite cultural, ethnic and linguistic differences. Together with our daughters, we engage the reality of migration both personally and professionally here in Sicily – a ‘bridge’ between Europe and Africa. Many people ask us how they can be involved in the work here and the answer is quite simple: Pray, Learn, and Donate. Pray: The journey is dangerous, and those who are fortunate enough to survive it are often faced with nearly insurmountable difficulties as they seek to establish a life for themselves and their families. Learn: There is an immense amount of inflammatory and erroneous information coming from otherwise respectable and reliable sources. Every ZYܘ[ ܙYYYK\[[K\YZ\\H[X[Z[ܙX]Y[H[XYHق X\Z\ܚY\[H[[[[HX\\ܝ^B[H\XZ[X[Bۘ]N[\^[]N [\[[8$[[ۙ^K][H\ۙH^\[ۘ[H[ ]^H\HHX[[H]HY[Xۛ^K\Yܙ[^][ۜZH[Yܚ[[H\KBXXۘ[[HوHK[YY]\[X[H\H[Z\\ ][][ۙK][H[^B