Waldensian Review No 127 Winter 2015 - Page 2

Secretary of Churches Together in England), Ken Howcroft (2014–15 President of the Methodist Conference), Mark Langham (Roman Catholic Chaplain to Cambridge University) and Rowan Williams (Master of Magdalene College). Inspiring contributions came also from the attentive and distinguished public. Calendars, books, gianduiotti chocolates and fantastic little cakes by Biscotti di Debora added variety to a full and entertaining day. News from friends: Noemi Falla, who was at Wesley House, Cambridge in 2013–14, has graduated in Theology with a thesis on Jesus and the family: a personal conflict? The portrait of the relationship between Jesus and his own one compared with the harsh words he pronounced about the disciples’ families. Marco Casci, after spending the academic year at Westminster College, then trained for a month at the International Evangelical Hospital of Genoa in Clinical Pastoral Education with other pastors (or future ones) under the expert supervision of Rev. Sergio Manna. Simone Maghenzani has now been appointed a Fellow, Lecturer and Director of Studies in History by Girton College, Cambridge. Keep them all in your prayers! On the Waldensian Day, Simone and Richard Newbury presented the long-awaited reprint of Prescot Stephens’ history, The Waldensian Story: A Study in Faith, Intolerance and Survival. It has a very enticing foreword by Professor Rev. Euan Cameron (Union Theological Seminar, NY, and Oxford) and an inviting comment from Oxford professor and broadcaster, Diarmaid MacCulloch. It is full of new photographs and, even if you already own a copy, this new edition is definitely worth purchasing. Reprinting it has been a long and arduous struggle and I hope you will show your appreciation by buying many copies; it certainly will make a great present. Order it now along with your calendar and you will receive it well before Christmas. Synod 2015: a full report by Tim Macquiban is available online. 2