Waldensian Review No 126 Summer 2015 - Page 9

open air in the centre of Luserna Alta, with some great preaching by Bruno Gabrielli (who had been our pastor at La Noce 13 years ago), and rousing singing from local choirs, accompanied by the brass band of the Val Pellice. Another service in the main Tempio of Torre Pellice included some wonderful drama and singing from the Scuole Domenicali (Sunday schools) of the valleys, and for Pentecost we took communion in the open air, forming a huge circle on the lawn outside the church – followed, naturally, by an exceptional four-course lunch in the Foresteria! We also had the pleasure of renewing our acquaintance with Nicoletta Favout, who had been our guide 13 years ago in first introducing us to Waldensian culture, and is now still working at the Cultural Centre. Our son Zac enjoyed meeting her little girl Matilde – the next generation in the long history of the Waldensian faith has arrived! Rachel and Alastair Morris Louisa Boyce, benefactress to the Waldensians and founder of Casa Valdese of Vallecrosia (Part 2) In 1862, when Louisa was 40, the Rev Richard Drought Graves and his wife arrived f ɽ