Waldensian Review No 126 Summer 2015 - Page 6

News from Marco Casci Another academic year has ended … but last year, for me, was not a usual one. Spending my fifth academic year in Cambridge meant having the great possibility to widen my horizons. This was a gift from all the people, churches and groups who helped me financially to be a resident of Westminster College. Being part not only of the Cambridge Theological Federation – which includes Reformed, Methodist, Anglicans, Orthodox and Catholics – but also of the ‘lay’ Faculty of Divinity has been a unique period of time during which I was able to share in the knowledge and understanding of different theological perspectives. I discovered with enthusiasm all the many different gifts of the various Christian traditions and the ways in which many young people find their space in the universal Church. Joining, once a month, in Federation worship, enabled me to participate in differing ways to praise our Father in a different environment from the academic one. Having a tutor – the Professor of Systematic and Church History John Paul Bradbury – to talk to has been crucial to me and enabled me to rationalize all those new experiences and to have an ‘internal perspective’ on the English Christian world. The congregation I attended was the URC St Columba, led by Revd Nigel Uden. Thanks to him, I improved my knowledge of the Reformed tradition in England. Last but not least I would like to mention the kindness and care that the Westminster College staff, colleagues, sabbatical ministers and professors showed me. All of them have contributed to make me feel welcome and at home. This was my fifth and final academic year. After completing my thesis a new adventure awaits me: full time ministry. I am sure that all the things I had the privilege to learn, first during my pastoral semester serving in the Nairn community with the minister Steven Manders and then the academic experience in Cambridge, will be a treasure that I will be called to share with the world we are all called to serve. May our Father bless all and each one of you. Marco Emanuele Casci Return to Torre Pellice It was 19 years since my first visit to the Valleys, when I went to work in Agape and first encountered the Waldensian Church. It was 12 years since I had gone with a youth group from the UK and met the young minister from the URC who would become my husband and it was about 8 years since our last visit 4