Waldensian Review No 126 Summer 2015 - Page 5

anniversary of don Bosco’s birth, the Waldensian Church took the opportunity to invite him and he promptly accepted with enthusiasm. The Shroud, being a relic, has little meaning for most Protestants and even for many Roman Catholics. However, the real ecumenical miracle is that today the Salesians, don Bosco’s own Order, are good friends with the Waldensians and they even share some publishing projects, such as materials for Sunday schools and Bible books for children. No more funeral bells tolling then: along with the Mayor of Turin the Waldensian church was packed with RC prelates, priests, nuns and a mixed congregation of the faithful! Photographs by P. Romeo/Riforma. For more photos, film and full report on the memorable day, do come to our WALDENSIAN CAMBRIDGE DAY! Erica Scroppo News from Anna Marmion Anna is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile and a fantastic voice whom I used to see quite regularly in the parish church next door. Her family is not religious and she became a believer and a churchgoer after joining one of the choirs of St Andrew’s church where the mother of a close school friend is a priest. She is now studying Modern Languages at Durham University and last year she asked me to find her voluntary work within my Church in Italy, thus combining her desire to help and serve with the need to improve her spoken Italian. She is therefore in Torre until the end of August doing a bit of everything and particularly enjoying working in the guesthouse Foresteria Valdese. In her free time she has helped the youngsters in precatechismo (Confirmation class) and she has joined the church choir, having opportunities to perform solo. At present she is preparing a piano and voice concert. 3 ESN