Waldensian Review No 126 Summer 2015 - Page 15

Madelene Gibby 1915–2013 We attended her memorial service in the church where she had worshipped for so long and enjoyed listening to delightful anecdotes by members of the congregation, about her, including her love of hats. She had a huge collection of all sizes and shapes, one for every occasion and, thinking about it, the few times I met her I seem to remember she was wearing a bonnet … The best thing I can do to celebrate her long life – being a member of the WCM seems to encourage longevity! – is to reprint this article from 1994 by Prescot Stephens, who knew her well. Madelene Gibby – a profile It was a day of mist, rain and wind when I went to see Madelene Gibby in her flat. The high windows looked out over the urban coast-line of St Leonards and to a turbulent sea beyond. Behind the rain-splashed windows there was an ordered calm, for Madelene is that sort of person. I happened to know that she was ‘approaching’ eighty; but there was nothing elderly about her manner, her speech or her appearance. I reminded myself that in her working life she had been nurse-receptionist/secretary to a busy railway doctor in Brighton. Her job demanded a crisp business-like approach combined with a concern for people. And I believe it was those very qualities which had made her such a successful fund-raiser for the Walde