Waldensian Review No. 122 Summer 2013 - Page 7

charge for charities by BT, so you can be sure that it is reliable and secure. Furthermore, the site can automatically reclaim gift aid on our behalf. What could be easier? www.waldensian.org.uk For the first time, the English Committee in aid of the Waldensian Church Missions now has its own website. On the site you are able to download the latest copy of the Waldensian Review, but also access the archive of the magazine, going all the way back to 2005. To round things off, the website has all the important contact details for the key committee members and a link to our online Charity Commission records. We hope that this first foray into the internet will only be the beginning and the website will offer us many more possibilities in the future, including online sales of publications and plenty more reading matter. There are also useful links to other Waldensian websites and reading matter, in both English and Italian. These include some of the Waldensian guest houses which you can stay at while visiting Italy. So if you have any suggestions about what could feature on the site, or ways to improve it, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact the website editor Alastair Morris with your ideas: website@waldensian.org.uk And finally, please spread the word about the website, sharing the new web address online, linking to it from other sites and raising its profile. We hope that it will become one of the leading English language sites on the Waldensian Church. Perhaps most excitingly for the prospects of the committee, we now have the ability to take online donations to our funds. As well as details about how to set up a standing order, and gift aid your donations, you can easily click through to the donation pages and make an instant credit or debit card payment. These are supported free of From Noemi Falla I’m Noemi Falla. I am 27 years old and I come from Scicli, in the south of Sicily. Scicli is one of the places where episodes of the television series Il Commissario Montalbano [Inspector Montalbano] were filmed. I grew up in the Evangelical Methodist Church. When I was 3 months old, my parents, who were both Methodists, dedicated me in Church, but did not have me baptized. When I was 18, I decided to be baptized by sprinkling. That baptism, however, was not an act of faith, but the conclusion of a journey that began with the Sunday School. In my heart, I knew I did not really believe. I attended church services and weekly activities, but I lived them as a duty. I could even do without them. I asked myself some questions about God, especially because when I was 16 my father died suddenly. I wondered why I had not the same faith as the other brothers and sisters of my congregation, but at the same time I had other thoughts in my mind (friends, entertainments) and I did not face the trouble. In the meantime, I was attending Art School and after getting my diploma I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. After more than a year, I interrupted this path because I had health problems. That period was really 5