Waldensian Review No. 122 Summer 2013 - Page 6

I’ve taken the trouble to spell out the various pathways towards mastering factual detail available to me because, over and above all of these, I want to identify yet another source of information. I use the word ‘information’ and yet that’s not really what it is. For the whole of this year, one month at a time, I’ve had occasion to gaze at this year’s Waldensian Calendar which features the paintings of Paolo Paschetto. What a treasury is this! It’s 50 years since his death and I’ve no doubt there are people who remember him as part of their community. The great miracle is, of course, that he may be dead and buried but, as the great American hymn puts it, ‘his soul goes marching on’. His art conjures up far more than the mere factual. It shows remarkable vistas, villages and habitations snuggling within the embrace of mountainous shoulders of rock, an at-oneness between the human and the natural orders. Whether it’s the alpine snows of a heavy winter or the fresh greens of a new spring, the languid heat of long summer days or the mellow colours of autumn, these pictures awaken in my heart a sense of the Valley that beckons me towards it. I can scarcely wait for the full experience and find it difficult to believe that reality can be better than these portraits, that life can improve on art. I am most grateful for this imaginative gift. It seems to have fed me in the deepest recesses of my being throughout this calendar year. It’s prepared my taste buds, attuned my inward ear, heightened my awareness of an experience I hope soon to enjoy with all my senses. I can’t even begin to see how next year’s calendar can improve on this one. If I had my way, I’d just go on reproducing this series of pictures, year after year, with just the configuration of the dates changing to suit the purpose of each succeeding year. AND NOW MY MAIN MESSAGE: We are aiming to reduce the cost of printing and posting the magazine. The Waldensian Review is a great means of communication and it is widely appreciated in Britain, in Italy and elsewhere. It is now available online – including past issues – but we can also send it individually via email. I am therefore asking everyone who is happy to receive it ONLY online to send me their email address in order to be cancelled from the snail mail list. We’ll still be producing the paper issue and sending it to libraries, churches, colleges and various institutions for distribution and for their records. For individuals not particularly keen on paper, and especially for those who do not keep a collection, we think that in the digital era, web communication is the best. PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW!!!! DO LET ME KNOW ALSO if you have changed your postal address and above all KEEP IN TOUCH! God bless you ESN, Editor 4