Waldensian Review 129 - Page 2

now minister of the Church of Scotland in Glasgow, delivered the ‘Time for Reflection’ speech at the opening of the Scottish Parliament on 6 September. It can be found on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK39P_rFgYQ The Waldensian Day at Wesley Chapel, London, on 22 October was very well attended and most interesting. David Willey, the veteran BBC correspondent, spoke to us about all the Popes he has met and Leslie Griffiths and Tim Macquiban discussed David’s book The Promise of Francis: The Man, the Pope and the challenge of change. Full reports about all these events plus obituaries in the Summer 2017 issue! Christmas is approaching and what could be more appropriate than giving yourselves and your friends a Waldensian calendar and even better if accompanied by a copy of the reprint of Prescot Stephens’ book The Waldensian Story? There is now also a new book, written in Italian and English by Micael Sappé and Giuseppe Platone who was our visiting Pastor some time ago … It is the story of a farmhouse in the mountains, which apart from being located in a stunning position in the Angrogna Valley, is very special. Built at the end of the nineteenth century as the Summer retreat of a wealthy Waldensian family on a green and sunny field at 1500 metres asl, it faces the Alps above and the plain and Torre Pellice below. Abandoned during the war, in Autumn 1943 it became the refuge of a group of young antifascist partisans, spiritually and morally led by their chaplain, Iacopo Lombardini, a Methodist preacher and schoolmaster in the Collegio Valdese. The house was destroyed by German shellfire in 1944. Later Lombardini, who never carried any weapon but in his pocket always had a Bible, was taken prisoner and deported to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, where, one year later, a day before the Liberation, he was sent to the gas chamber. After the war the ruin became a symbol of the Resistance and every year a commemorative gathering of ex-partisans and antifascists was held there … Read the book to know how it was rebuilt as ‘a House for Peace’ and became a centre for youth camps, holidays and retreats for all. A perfect Christmas Gift! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! ESN, Editor Order Think of a Farmhouse in the Mountains (£12.50 all included) and the other books either online or from Nicky Raddon: 19 Sampson Avenue, Barnet, EN5 2RN. 2